The Circular economy course program aims to introduce the circular economy in the business sector, focusing on the benefits from the concept, and its influence on the business development, environment and job creation, and will propose key steps in its implementation, so that CSOs can work closely with different types of SMEs and help them recognise and implement circular economy in their business models. The online course is part of the project “Partnership for circular economy – sustainable SMEs growth and regional development”, supported by the Western Balkans Fund, implemented by YES Foundation (Macedonia), ASET (Albania) and INTERA (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The course program includes 5 modules:

Module 1: Economic gap between rich and poor countries

Module 2: Linear economy vs. circular economy

Module 3: Sustainable SMEs development and regional development

Module 4: Factors for change towards circular economy – Consumers, citizens and public sector

Module 5: Business models

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